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Designer Focus: Meet Lucie Vaclav

Inspired by the hustle and bustle of the London life, Vaclav is a contemporary and inspirative created by designer Lucie Vaclav in the year 2020, emphasizing on sustainable and small production, fair working conditions, and most of all, imaginative design.

Not Just a Label sits down with creative director Lucie Vaclav to get an insight into her story, inspirations and challenges.
Lucie Vaclav CollectionPhoto Courtesy of Lucie Vaclav


Please introduce VACLAV to our readers, its mission and story, and share major milestones that it has reached so far (awards, celebrity appearances, etc).

Motivated by my passion to convey the inspirations drawn from residing in the vibrant city of London, the VACLAV fashion brand endeavors to craft a luxurious and stylish aesthetic.

 VACLAV's clothing has found favor with numerous singers, models, and celebrities on a global scale, including names like Becky Hill, Raya Abirached, Drew Barrymore, JoJo Siwa, Marta Sierra, and Coco Rocha and the garments  frequently grace the pages of fashion magazines and make appearances on popular TV shows such as the acclaimed American series "Euphoria" and the singing competition "The Voice UK."

My  bespoke designs for Raya Abirached and Becky Hill, which catered to the realm of celebrity fashion, have earned a permanent spot in the fashion collections of esteemed institutions like the National Museum and Moravian Gallery in Brno, situated in my native country, Czechia.


How do you translate the vibrant energy of London into your brand story?

The brand embraces an opulent and chic style, characterized by ultra-feminine and alluring garment shapes, fluid fabrics, shimmering sequins, and distinctive prints, embodying a powerful yet romantic allure. Each successive collection draws inspiration from its predecessor, showcasing a precise sense of reinvention in crafting versatile and uniquely designed garments.


Lucie Vaclav Collection
Photo Courtesy of Lucie Vaclav


How does your life look like in the city, what are your go-to places, and favourite activities? Do you design your collections to fit for such a specific lifestyle?

If only a day in London could extend to 50 hours! London epitomizes a vibrant blend of activity, creativity, and captivating experiences. Personally, I relish exploring the city's bustling nightlife scene, including clubs, bars, and restaurants. Alternatively, a leisurely stroll through the heart of the city offers a chance to absorb the vibrant tapestry of people and culture, which never fails to inspire me. 

One of my favorite pastimes is indulging in independent cinema screenings and exploring niche exhibitions. It's a great way to immerse myself in the arts and uncover unique perspectives. Additionally, meeting friends from various creative industries always invigorates my creativity and offers fresh insights. 

Above all, my top choice for a destination in London is Soho House. The ambiance, the people, and the artistic vibe create an atmosphere that fuels my creative spirit. It's a hub of inspiration and an essential stop during my time in this vibrant city. 

I design for a modern women who live a busy life in a city like me.


What is the most challenging part about being a designer in London? And how do most of the opportunities find you?

Remaining authentic and not succumbing to the relentless pace of modern life is, in my opinion, one of the greatest challenges. In the realm of design, I value the process of allowing ideas to unfold and evolve organically, patiently waiting for them to crystallize in my mind, much like the formation of a precious diamond—clear and refined.

 I've been fortunate to experience a stream of opportunities without aggressive marketing efforts. It reinforces my belief that when something is truly remarkable, it inherently attracts attention and doesn't need forceful advertising. Quality and excellence have a way of speaking for themselves, effortlessly catching the eye of fashion magazines and celebrity stylists.


Lucie Vaclav Collection
Photo Courtesy of Lucie Vaclav


What is a misconception about English style in your opinion?

London indeed holds a prominent status as a fashion mecca, a hub where creativity flourishes and ideas converge from various cultures and styles. It's a dynamic melting pot where fashion isn't confined to a singular style but encompasses a diverse array of beautiful styles that seamlessly interact and inspire one another. The city's fashion scene is a rich tapestry woven with the threads of innovation, diversity, and constant evolution, setting trends that resonate globally. Each unique style contributes to the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of London's fashion, shaping its influence on the global stage.


What is the most exciting underground initiative currently shaping the creative scene in London?

That is a secret, but I am sure you will notice it in upcoming collections :)


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