Generic FAQ

Learn more about us here.

Refer to this link: for registering yourself on NJAL.

You will then receive an email on your provided email id with a link for making your NEW DESIGNER PROFILE.

Fill in your personal details and add a collection to complete your profile.

Designers' collections will be curated as to whether they are added to the visible online directory or not.

Designers will be notified when/if they are added to the directory.

It is completely FREE to be on the NJAL website, meaning there is no cost when the designers register and upload their collections. 

If the designers want to SELL on our marketplace, we take a 30% commission.

1. Log in to your profile and choose "MY LOOK BOOK" from the top right-hand side.

2. Select "MY FILMS" or "MY COLLECTIONS" where you then select "ADD NEW" to create your new content.

To RESET your forgotten password, click on DESIGNER LOGIN on the top left side. 

Select FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and enter the email address your account is linked to.

You will receive an email to reset your password (please be sure to check your SPAM inbox as well). After checking your SPAM inbox and still have not received anything, please contact the NJAL team at [email protected]

To reset your existing password, log in and then go to "MY LOOK BOOK" and select "MY ACCOUNT" from the drop-down menu, this will allow you to update your password.


Please email one of our team members at [email protected] to help you re-organize the order of your collections.

To link your Instagram account to your profile, please add your handle to the Instagram field under MY LOOKBOOK - MY PROFILE - SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.

Please enter just the Instagram handle (without the http:// or the www, nor the @) Example: notjustalabel .

Please note that your account must be public and have at least one image.


  1. ​​​Log in to your account.
  2. Locate the "My Lookbook" tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on "My Films" within the "My Lookbook" section.
  4. Complete the following details for your fashion film:

Fashion Film Title: Enter a relevant and engaging title.

URL: Provide the YouTube or Vimeo URL for your fashion film.

Description: Include a brief and descriptive summary.

Ensure that your fashion film is in either YouTube or Vimeo format.

1. Log in to your profile and go to COMPANY DETAILS.

2. Click on image/logo --> choose file from BROWSE

3. Make sure your image is formatted in png, jpeg, jpg, gif.

Log into your profile, go to EDIT COLLECTION, and drag the preferred image to the top.

NJAL’s logo, a black sheep, was chosen because of the mission the company set for itself: stand out, swim against the stream, break moulds and change the landscape of fashion. Buyers and stylists have asked us to rank our designers, and we now split designers into three categories: White, Grey and Black Sheep.

The NJAL Black Sheep category is a curated title awarded to outstanding designers that have been identified as being especially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work. Not only do these designs need to be visually innovative and forward-thinking, but designers also need to have a network of stockists or being sold via their own website and be able to cater to orders from retailers and consumers.

The NJAL Grey Sheep is our main category of designers, who are part of our main Designer and Collections directories. This category also includes recent Graduates and recently launched brands and showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming as well as established designers.

The NJAL White Sheep is the default status a designer is assigned after successfully creating their profile. These designers are not yet visible on our designer database and are not yet eligible to apply as a seller.  All profiles and new collections are reviewed within 48 hours of submission by our team. If your profile is upgraded to Grey Sheep, you will be notified via email.  If you do not receive this notification, please continue to update your profile with new collections and ensure your images and photography are of a high quality for a chance of being upgraded. 

The collections are monitored daily by the curation team. Designers will be notified once they become a Black Sheep or Grey Sheep, this is not a title you can request. NJAL advises you to keep your online look books up to date, and to make sure each new collection is uploaded to your profile.

The collections are monitored daily by the curation team.

Designers will be notified once they become a Black Sheep or Grey Sheep within 2-3 days of uploading their collection(s).

The NJAL White Sheeps will have profiles created on the NJAL network and receive all the updates and information as all designers do.

However, the curation team may have not yet deemed the latest collection uploaded to the NJAL site ready to appear in the live NJAL Directories and the designer will remain a White Sheep until further review.

The sheep status is not a title you can request.

NJAL advises you to upload quality collection images and make sure all your bio information is completed.


We are sorry to hear you are having trouble uploading.

Most upload issues are related to the upload speed provided by your internet service. Images under 25MB can take a few minutes per file to be uploaded. Therefore we suggest to compress your images to retina quality, which is enough for high resolution displays. NJAL does not require print-ready images to be uploaded. In addition, please note to only click the UPLOAD button once.  Repeated ‘clicks’ will cause the system to time-out.

A few helpful tips:

  • In order to display in retina quality the website needs images with at least 1600px in height. (Portrait format appears best, however the collections page can also show landscape images)
  • Note that file names must not exceed 150 characters in length.  
  • We also suggest trying to upload 3-4 at a time to see if that makes a difference.  
  • Our server autoscales images to 700x900px, so any images greater than 5MB may cause the system to time out.
  • Please limit your collections to 20 images within each lookbook.  
  • If you notice that your images are displaying horizontally, but you uploaded them vertically, then please consider the following:
    • Save the files in .png and re-upload
    • Rotate the images first, resave, then upload
    • Reduce file sizes to less than 5MB

If you are still having trouble please email: [email protected]

For optimal results when uploading your collection be sure you have converted your files to RGB prior to upload.

Images are best when at a maximum of 1920px wide.

Your profile logo must be a square image, i.e.: 500px x 500px.

The image you want to be shown must be centered evenly in the square for optimal display.

Any rectangular sized images will be cut down to a square size and will not display in entirety.

1. Log into your profile, click on "MY LOOK BOOK" on the right-hand side.,

2. Then choose "MY PROFILE" from the drop-down menu.

3. You can then make edits to your profile with the new information followed by pressing the save tab at the bottom of the screen.

1. Log into your profile, click on "MY LOOK BOOK" on the top right-hand side

2. Then choose "MY PROFILE" from the drop-down menu.

3. You can then make edits to your profile with the new information followed by pressing the Save tab at the bottom of the screen.

NJAL will contact all designers based on a specific brief when working with clients on large-scale events and a variety of projects and competitions.

For best chances of being included, always keep your collection images, fashion films and profile as up to date as possible.

Use the “CONTACT” tab which can be found center left of each of the designer’s NJAL profiles.

This will send a direct email to the designer. 

To increase sales and conversions, we advise designers to tag #njalretailrevolution when posting on social media.  This will help with your brand's exposure and also allow us to promote and re-share content.

NJAL homepage is updated weekly and features different designers every week.These designers are randomly selected by our team on the basis of the most innovative and editorial images and collections uploaded by the Designers.

Keep updating your profile with new Collections, making sure that the images are of HD quality and your profile information is up to date. If you think your profile is fully up to date and outstanding, you can get in touch with our team at [email protected] and request them to consider featuring your profile on the website Homepage.

NJAL can offer your label ad-hoc assistance with your business, in relation to its success on the platform.

NJAL does not offer any specific on-going business consulting services.

Please write to [email protected] in order to get your account deleted on NJAL