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Sydonie, SYstème de gestion de DOcuments pour l'INternet et l'Édition, literally meaning Document Management System for Publishing on the Web. Sydonie is developed within the GREYC lab at the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France.

Sydonie is an implemention of research work that proposes a document model to better manage the various versions of a same document. Using document entities such as Work, Expression and Manifestation proposed by IFLA's Functionnal Requirements for Bibliographic Records, our document model groups all versions (translations, formats, etc) in a tree structured document.

Implemented in PHP and relying on a MySQL database, Sydonie can run on any basic LAMP server.


Sydonie is Free Software made available under GNU-GPL General Public License.

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Research Model

Scientific articles describing the underlying Document Model.

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Majax logoStarted within Sydonie, Majax (or Magic Ajax) is a spin-off project that aims to provide a Javascript library for webdesigners to use Ajax interactions without the hassle of writing the Javascript code. You can check out the demos or the documentation.