The Shop FAQ

Please click here to find out how you can join the #NJALRetailRevolution. Please ensure that you comply to the following requirements in order to be accepted as a selling designer:

  • Complete NJAL profile for us to review your designs
  • Be upgraded to a Grey Sheep designer on your main NJAL profile
  • Minimum of 6 available items for sale  
  • Minimum of 3 high-resolution images per product, and suitable for e-commerce
  • Ability to provide accurate product descriptions in professional English  
  • Ability to respond to customer queries within 24 hours 

NJAL is a Luxury Marketplace, and we maintain the highest standards when it comes to our listings. We expect the following information to be provided without any exceptions to ensure that your product is approved to be sold on our platform. NJAL carries "Ready To Wear" and "Made To Order" products. "Pre-Orders" are NOT accepted on our platform.


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There is no initial fee to sell on Shop NJAL as long as you are approved by the team. NJAL will only receive commissions from your sales on the platform.

NJAL takes a 30% commission per sale, including the RRP (or sale price if applied) and any add ons or delivery charges received. This commission fee is applied to the total amount received. Please see the Terms & Conditions section 8.3 for more information.

To upload products on NJAL, please complete all forms and settings under MY PROFILE. Once completed, go to your PRODUCT LISTINGS and click the ADD PRODUCT button on the top right side. Each field comes with a help text that you can see by hovering over the '?' symbol. 

All orders are shipped free of charge to the customer, so shipping costs must be factored into your product prices.

Industry standard for luxury e-commerce is to provide free shipping, which means our customers will not be charged extra for shipping. This means you have to incorporate shipping costs into your prices. Since 50% of our sales come from the US, and roughly 35% from the EU you can estimate these costs in advance. We highly recommend to ensure you have a business account with a major carrier such as UPS, FedEx or DHL as they can provide rates at up to 70% discount. Alternatively, use a third-party retailer for such carriers to ensure you never have to pay retail prices. 

We do not allow the use of standard postal services, especially if a tracking number cannot be provided. 

If you are based in a region where shipping costs to our main markets are too high, we recommend working with a fulfillment warehouse that will dispatch your designs for you and handle all your logistics. NJAL works closely with CCS, and you can contact them stating you are a NJAL designer.

Yes, you can sell Made-to-Order (MTO) items. Over 40% of our sales are for items that are bespoke and tailor-made for our customers. This is a a service that makes you and The Shop unique. In order to sell MTO please check the Made-To-Order collection when adding a new product, and add the lead time under Product Policy. We recommend that it does not take longer than 21 days to manufacture the design. 

Order Dashboard Instructions


Please email [email protected], and we will kindly assist you with any Shop related questions.

Designers must ship their orders items within 48 hours of the order placement. If the item is sold as Made To Order the timeframe must match the delivery time frame specified under Product Policy of the item(s) sold. Any unjustified delays in dispatching your designs might result in removal of your brand from The Shop. 

NJAL works with valid PayPal account to automate all payments.

Tracking number must be added mandatorily when the status is changed from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled in the Order Dashboard section. We will no longer accept sellers entertaining "N/A" (or) sending items with normal posts to save money. It is the seller's responsibility to change the status to "Delivered" once the customer receives the order, and only then does the system pay. The system pays 30 days after a tracking number has been entered AND the status is "Delivered".

Should PayPal not be available in your country we ask that you open a foreign bank account, or work with an intermediary or a friend in a country where PayPal is available. We can no longer make exceptions and accept invoices and pay via wire transfers. 

NJAL Marketing Kit

We welcome any promotional help, if every designer promotes the store we can all drive more traffic and increase our sales. While there is no guarantee, we do our best to re-share tagged stories and are keen to promote designers who share excellent/unique marketing assets. We also encourage the NJAL community to interact with each other on the digital landscape to drive more traffic to all designers/shops. We have prepared a marketing guide as well as a series of social media templates. Please don't forget to use the hashtag #NJALRetailRevolution so that we can share your posts on @NOTJUSTALABEL as well. 

NJAL | The Shop - Designer Promotional Assets

NJAL Editorial Banners

Our Editorial Banners highlight our most relevant picks and are refreshed frequently to best support designers. We encourage our sellers to share them with us either on emails or in the product listings sections, so they can be showcased on our Shop Homepage which could attract more traffic to your brand. Kindly note that we will accept only those images, which we think will meet our platform standards. (Image Dimensions should always be maintained at - 2560 x 1000px).

Interviews and Features

Our Editorial team features emerging designers every month. We have newsletters, social posts that include Interviews (or) Behind the Scenes Videos (or) Promotion of Designers. We encourage designers to help share content with us and you can reach out to our editorial team member Julia at [email protected].

We offer customers a standard 14 day return window. Customers can request an RMA return process directly via the platform, and you will be notified via email. Return requests need to be handled by designers via your Dashboard, and you must respond to customer queries within one business day of receiving the query. It is the responsibility of the customer and seller to arrange the return delivery. Products not eligible for returns include: personalised or made to order items, personal products such as earrings and hair accessories, products that are made up in your own choice of fabric or material or are specially commissioned for the buyer (“Closed-out products”), and gift vouchers. In the case of faulty products, the customer must send photographs of the product(s) to the seller. The customer will be offered a full refund or replacement. 

Prices on NJAL must match the prices on your online store and on any other retailers, platforms or marketplaces. Should your personal website calculate shipping on check-out, you can increase the prices on NJAL by 10-15%. We do not accept that your designs are sold for significantly cheaper prices on your websites. We carry out regular checks and should we find that you engage in price dumping on your or other websites we will remove you from selling on NJAL.