NJAL Creative

Creativity is the Currency of the Future

The world has fundamentally changed and no industry is untouched. Imagination is in short supply; businesses and governments struggle to make ideas work.

For ten years, NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) has been the outsourced creative director for cities, regions, and leading luxury brands.

Besides facilitating the success of over 50,000 creatives globally, NJAL has designed unique stores, reinvigorated manufacturers, brought life back to failing districts, helped companies design new products. We know how to build the future, profitably.

NJAL | Made in NY

As a retailing crisis looms, real estate stutters, media is mistrusted and consumer habits shift – old assumptions no longer apply and new principles will shape growth. 
NJAL has robustly proved it can build compelling solutions to today’s challenges – seizing opportunities from emerging technologies, disruptive market entrants, and new consumer behaviours.

NJAL’s clients are the corporates, cities, and brands that are being displaced by these same trends. NJAL has spent ten years building a platform to scale innovation, talent, and ideas – in fashion, luxury, consumer goods, urban growth, and manufacturing.

NJAL is a company that has flourished in economic uncertainty, and represents the vanguard of tech-enabled creativity. For its clients and partners, NJAL can provide low risk and profitable solutions to outdated products and services, and evolve new business models that are fit for purpose for the decades to come.

NJAL | LA Original


NJAL’s services have evolved to take advantage of today’s technologies and ideas – developing projects and prototypes for major companies that boost revenue, brand equity, and create a halo effect.

URBAN REGENERATION AGENCY | For mayors and city bodies, NJAL builds authentic event installations, tied to local manufacturers and designers. Our new manufacturing offering will take us even deeper into economic regeneration.

THINK-TANK | NJAL’s insights and projects emerge from having 50,000+ designers on speed-dial in 150 countries, at the bleeding edge of radical creativity.

STRATEGY GROUP | NJAL provides an elevated service for clients, who want deeper and meaningful strategic direction.

NJAL | d3

TALENT AGENCY | We accelerate new design talent in fashion’s only global talent incubator, investing in the future of design and acquiring unprecedented access to tomorrow’s ideas.

IP MARKETPLACE | Following a proven test-case, NJAL will now monetise over 1.5m styles and collections by allowing subscribing brands to purchase IP rights from our designers to reproduce items, benefiting the designers and the brands.

E-COMMERCE UNIT | NJAL will soon relaunch its e-commerce channel, delivering collections of over 50,000 designers before they are seen anywhere else. NJAL is redefining global luxury commerce.

CONTENT RESOURCE FOR FASHION INDUSTRY | NJAL is deeply embedded in the infrastructure of the fashion industry, as a resource for higher education, trade fairs, recruiters and buyers.

NJAL | Maison Assouline


CITIES/GOVERNMENTS | The Cities of LA, NYC, Detroit and Venice invited NJAL make their cities desirable again.

CONSUMER BRANDS | Zara, Alcantara, Electrolux and many more have used NJAL for outsourced creative direction for new products.

REAL ESTATE | Developers and property owners have invited NJAL to take over premium retail spaces (>10,000sf) to revitalise their portfolios.

NEW ECONOMIC ZONES | Dubai’s Design District asked NJAL to curate a fresh and interesting new destination, the City of Berlin challenged NJAL to revolutionise the tedium of established Fashion Week events.